Public Accounting

As chartered accountants, we identify ourselves with the role of giving trustful support concerning your entrepreneurial issues. We are your partner for attestation, investments in partnerships and business management analyses. We give you sound advice on decision-making procedures and communication issues within a highly regulated environment.

Certificates should not only be for the sake of receiving a stamp. In our role as chartered accountants, we are the connecting link which creates a relationship of trust between your company, its associates, banks and supervisory committees. At the same time, our central mission always remains the increasingly dynamic development of your company. You can rely on the SGP Schneider Geiwitz specialists who think like entrepreneurs.

Compliance management systems protect managing directors from personal liability and companies from fines which could threaten survival. We assess the quality and function of your compliance management system. Let us examine the concept and effectiveness of your compliance management system and provide security to your business partners.

In cases of company successions, legal disputes or donations – entrepreneurs frequently face the question of the value of their company. In the event, we assist you in preparing a reliable evaluation and, together with SGP Schneider Geiwitz Corporate Finance, we will also find the appropriate buyer or investor.